This blog is pretty much a shrine to pernickety, but today even more so. All I have done all day (9-3 for those of us enslaved to the school run) is set up this blog. So I am delighted that  Wordpress in its wisdom allows me to share this fact on Facebook with a seamless click of a wireless mouse. And yet…….. what gets posted is the generic “About” page found on a blank template. *sigh* If you were brave enough to click, find the real page AND come to here, well done.

The only interruption to my day of new blogging has been the postman who needed me to sign for a box marked “collection only”. Don’t even get me started.

In other news, after another 3 pages of HP photo paper and 12 images later, I think I may have a passable passport photo for my son and me. Time and £118 fee will tell.


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