New email. Simple. February 24th 2015

Need a gmail account for my new company – simples – go to Google. Get half way through the interminably complicated procedure of demonstrating that I own my own domain and realise that I am actually going to have to host my web page somewhere to show that I own it. I build my web page and transfer hosting domain. In this process, I discover that a) I now have superior technical app development and software coding skills that I’m not sure I will ever use again until the moment I forget how to do this and b) my web hosting provider is cheaper than Google for a google email address. Buoyed by my new skills, I apply for a gmail account with my web hoster only to be told that Google still thinks I want this domain and has an account open for me, they can’t give me a second one. Enter the neverland of google app account deletion (I am now a jedi software manager) and receive an email to say I don’t exist. Brava. Log back on to web hoster and get the same message again that Google thinks I STILL have that domain, but they will refund payment, honest guv. Log back into Google with Bath gmail details to enter the neverland again, but can’t do that, because my Bath account isn’t an administrator account, I’ve deleted my company’s administrator account and don’t exist any more, yah boo sucks to you. This all started because I logged on to register for VAT and the form asked me for my company email address. Loving the paperwork vibe this week.


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