The paperwork has changed but no less patronising 9 years on. December 1st 2014

If you want the princely sum of £72.40 per week whilst unemployed, this is the compulsory booklet, to fill out regularly. After I have driven into town and parked, I have lost 10% of this  amount, and two hours of my life I’m never getting back again. Time that could have been spent more productively on actually finding employment.

Since they didn’t have anyone available to spell the things in my skills list and my advisor couldn’t fill out the languages section of his own online form, I suspect the job centre is not well equipped to help people with both a PhD and MBA.  I said I was most likely to end up with a project management job to which my advisor asked, “could you do general management?” I felt my job at the job office was just to say yes a lot.


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