All ready to sign on…………………………… (February 11th 2015)

……..but “Kath” is clearly having a gossip about having to move her car, so her desk neighbour has agreed to do it. “It” is still standing here 15 mins later. Oh the joy. Unnamed female (they never bother introducing themselves as human beings) asked me for the booklet that has apparently been replaced by an online service that they do not ask me about. I confessed to not bringing the booklet because I work online and needed to update the system as I had been busy in London yesterday talking about potential work. Unnamed female would not accept my verbal update on my job seeking activity (as others have) and requested that I use one of the computers to update online and them she would try and fit me in when I had finished. I, however, was not leaving that chair until I was finished I’ve got an arm to gnaw off in preference to a second chat with UF. I filled in the form online on my phone in 2 mins and told her I had done so. I then added a couple of other random job search activities just for kicks when UF told me that I was going to have to hurry up on the computer a her next appt was due. I told her again that I had already finished and gave her my govt ID and email address which no unnamed person has ever needed before. UF then presented me with my next appt to which I wondered our loud why no-one has the common courtesy to ask if that time is convenient. UF told me I wasn’t working. I pointed out that while this is true it does not mean I am not busy trying to find work, like being in London all day and I still have three children even if I don’t have a job. UF asked me if the next appt time was convenient through gritted teeth. UF was obviously very keen to see me go at this point but I felt it necessary to get my montblanc pen out and point out that I hadn’t actually “signed” on for today yet and did she not need me to do this? Thankfully, after writing the date on the piece of paper UF told me it was the 11th Feb today as that was the tricky bit about all of today’s experience.


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